Giving You the Social Media Muscles to Succeed

It truly saddens us when we see a great company on social media that is executing far below its potential. That company is lacking a social media marketing strategy and tactics that create brand awareness, communicate to their customers, and expand their top-of-mind awareness with new customers.

Being successful in today's social media dominate climate requires establishing credibility and developing relationships raise your social brand above the competition. HoppdMedia works closely with your company to customize a social media training program tailored specifically to your team’s experience level and your marketing objectives.

Your company can be successful marketing their brand on social media. With guidance from HoppdMedia, your team can evolved into true social media experts, brand marketers and creative storytellers. Understand the Do’s and Don'ts of social media as tool as business tool.

Social media training:

  • Learning the benefits of using social media
  • What it takes to become a social business
  • Find your brand’s social media voice and personality
  • Understand the key strategic differences between each social media platform
  • Selecting the most appropriate social media platforms for your brand, industry and target audience
  • How to write for social media
  • Time management tools for social media marketing
  • Develop a customized content marketing strategy
  • Learn how to build and grow a social profile from scratch
  • The right social media branding positions your company for success
  • Strategy and tactics for effective social media promotion
  • Build consumer engagement on social media
  • Best practices for growing website referrals
  • Listen and respond to your customers on social media
  • Tactics to reach out and connect with new consumers
  • Building the right social media campaigns
  • Identify influencers in your market
  • Measuring social media success

Without the proper social media training, you are traveling with a map in the social media wilderness. Let us help you avoid this, and help you become the brand people talk about.