The Trailhead for your business, where you get the directions and destination. A proven marketing strategy will drive traffic expand your business and your bottom line.

The increasingly savvy and fickle consumer has an ever-shortening attention span. You have to be prepare to grab that customer and keep them engaged. This means going beyond the initial website build. You need to analyze your customer and deliver your message where and when it is the most effective.

Every brand has a story.

We create, manage, and deliver top-performing social media campaigns for your business. We position you to become an influencer through precise social media marketing. Properly executed campaigns deliver engaging content, increase followers, and drive word of mouth recognition. This approach easily translates into more leads and sales for our clients.

Your brand must have a presence online or you will become quickly replaced by the competition placing themselves at the top-of-mind of YOUR consumers. You must look beyond traditional marketing and tell engaging stories without being a blowhard. For success in this social world, it is imperative that we develop a content marketing strategy to guide the production of branded visual content to share. This content must be engaging, entertaining, educational, or inspiring, of it will be filter with the rest of online noise out there on the internet.

What kind of content does your brand need to produce? Brands need to produce and release videos, photography, graphics, and written copy that strategically communicates your brand and story to your consumers in a fashion is valued by them. That is the beauty of content marketing, it’s a non-intrusive form of marketing draws consumers to you. Tell your story right and often, and your brand will differentiate itself from the competition.

Together we will create creative daily social media postings based on your brand’s marketing objectives.

Brand storytelling and creative content are the center of any content marketing strategy. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed by the content creation demands that this social connected world demands. You started off excited about Facebook or your Twitter campaign, but soon you discover that your marketing team cannot create the creative content the marketplace demands, and they are definitely not social media strategists. Also, visual storytelling on social media requires the skill sets of a videographer, photographer, copy writer, and editor. When you lack these core competencies, content creation becomes a serious pain in the butt. Conceiving content ideas that are creative and fresh consistently is challenging. With HoppdMedia as part of your creative team, we will conceive, produce, and release content that creates an audience and converts sale opportunities.

To meet these demands, HoppdMedia offers a range of solutions, so you have the flexibility to succeed. From the inside, we can train you and your team to execute your content strategy. On the other hand, the HoppdMedia creative team can be producing your continual stream of branded visual content for your social media platforms. Heck, we can even blend these options to form a solution perfect for you. Your brand will present a different set of challenges, and that will require different creative solution.

We love developing brand stories and sharing those stories on social media. The core component of our culture is to view you as a friend and business partner. Your success is our success.

 Types of content that we will create:

  • Business blogging concepts
  • Social media engagement graphics
  • Company culture photography
  • Branded product photography
  • Company promotional videos
  • Product and/or service explainer videos
  • Short-form videos providing branded entertainment and/or education