We help shape how the world feels about your organization.

Establishing a consistent brand identity turns your company’s mission into a visual story. From brand guidelines to logo design, and everything in between, HoppdMedia creates strong and unique visual identities that tell your story. HoppdMedia's 6-week branding program provides the foundation for all of our strategy and creative work, and is a mixture of consulting, marketing, writing, and design. Together, we will clarify business values, uncover fresh thinking your place in the market, and outside perspective free from internal biases. Through staff and ownership interviews, we’ll develop an unique branding that truly relates with your target audiences.

Our branding program is a great place to start if you can benefit from any of the following:

  • A reinvention or adjustment of your visual identity and language
  • Clarification of your business values and fresh thinking about your market position
  • Interviews with key organization members and current and former customers to gain insight on business challenges – and see the bigger picture
  • An outside perspective, free from your organization’s internal biases
  • Advice on your customer-facing language and materials compared to trends and terms that truly resonate
  • A roadmap for where your brand should go – and how to get it there
  • Design and language examples for effectively communicating with your audience
  • A united and aligned internal culture

Snapshot of our brand identity services:

  • Brand design & development
  • Brand humanization
  • Social network profile design, setup & customization
  • Website design & development
  • Responsive website development and design
  • Email marketing execution, email templates, & landing pages
  • Landing page development
  • Conversion optimization
  • User experience
  • Campaign development & execution
  • eCommerce integration
  • Brand and message architecture development